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Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes – Phone Sex

It’s no secret that we here at The TLA are massive fans of electronic artist Grimes. Having alrady released one of the best albums of 2012 in Visions and signed up to play festival dates with Skrillex, here she teams up with producer Blood Diamonds to try to create in their words the perfect pop song… and they come very close, albeit a pop song from another planet. Halo drums are used throughout while Grimes’ vocals float over the beats. The verses lead up to a pleading/glorious chorus and then it all drifts away as quickly as it came.

This will be Blood Diamonds (Michael Diamond) first commercial release in a year and is out next month on 4AD Records.

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Grimes – Visions (2012)

In the past year, Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes has been a busy woman. The Vancouver native, now living in Montreal, has released 3 albums as well as a split 12” with D’eon and toured with Lykke Li. Grimes latest release is Visions and is also her first on legendary label 4AD (Grimes remains on the Arbutus Record label in Canada).

Already making waves across the internet, Visions is absolutely stunning and one that is not easily comparable to other artists. In spots Grimes sounds like a lighter, poppier version of Crystal Castles with a dose of Austra thrown in for good measure. The upbeat “Circumambient” is one remix away from being club ready as is “Be a Body” with its slashing keyboard lines. Visions really shines on tracks such as the Japanese sounding “Genesis”, the haunting echoed vocal effected “Nightmare” and first single “Oblivion” with its buried lyric – “it’s hard to understand cause when you’re really by yourself it’s hard to find someone to really hold your hand”.

The hype surrounding Grimes coming into this year was well justified. Visions is one of the first great albums of the year and sure to hold up as one of the best of 2012.


Grimes – Oblivion