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Kevin Drew – Darlings (2014)

31S8D7wv80L__AA160_On Fox drama, Party of Five, one of the best posters I’ve ever seen appeared on the bedroom wall of Neve Campbell’s character. It was the cover to Lush’s Split album. Four lemons featured on the left and the lyrics running down the right side. I’ve looked for that poster for years. While not as great, another standout rock poster in a TV show is on the Mindy Project. Pop culture loving Mindy for whatever reason, other than it fits the décor, has a Broken Social Scene poster in her living room. While it’s been a long while since Broken Social Scene have released anything, they live on every week on a lowly watched but otherwise clever show.

Because of this, I’m reminded of Kevin Drew nearly every week. Earlier this year he released his second solo album, Darlings. Preceded by brilliant single, “Good Sex” (included here), Darlings hums along right from the get go. Most of the tracks lean toward mid-tempo, synth driven variety. “You Gotta Feel It” shines as does “You In Your Were” (featuring backing vocals from Feist). Throughout, Drew sings mainly about love and sex, first track here is called “Body Butter”, but it never veers to being crass. There is a warmth to the sound that makes this second solo album sound both personal and intimate, with far more winners than losers.