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Young Galaxy – Ultramarine (2013)

young galaxyAs expected, the new release from Montreal’s Young Galaxy was recently long listed for the 2013 Polaris Prize. Like their album released in 2011, Ultramarine was produced by Swede Dan Lissvik. This time around instead of working over Skype, the band decamped to Lissvik’s studio in Gothenburg to work more closely with the talented producer.

Ultramarine starts out strong with the driving pop of “Pretty Boy” which is given extra warmth by Catherine McCandles who handles vocals on all ten tracks. This is followed by the early 80s Caribbean lite electronica of “Fall Into You” and percussion heavy “Fever”. Beyond the opener, none of the tracks on Ultramarine reach the heights of last year’s excellent single “Youth Is Wasted On The Young” however; there is a lightness of touch that blows through the album making for a fine listen throughout.


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