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Moon King – Obsession I & II (2013)

moonkingsBack in August, the great new Winnipeg venue Union Sound Hall played host to Montreal’s Majical Cloudz. While Devon Welsh’s performance was suitably intense, the highlight of the night belonged to Toronto newcomers Moon King. The duo, comprised of writer/producer Daniel Benjamin and vocal/guitarist Maddy Wilde, stormed through tracks from their two EPs entitled Obsession I and II which they released for the tour as one CD.

The band does a spot on job at combining elements of shoegaze with scuzzy rock energy. “The Fear of Love” recalls MBV at their most dreamy while the floaty vocals of “Dreamtrap” would do Grimes proud before the thrash of “Icarus” blows the fog away. Though Obs I was released a year ago and Obs II is already several months old, these two EPs are absolutely essential listening.


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