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Cults – Static (2013)

61UHPZyq0kL__SP160,160,0,T_Back in October, New York duo Cults released Static, the follow-up to their 2011 self-title debut. Most articles at the time of Static’s release centred on the fact that it was formed in the midst of Madeline Frolin and Brian Oblivion’s break-up. A quick scan of song titles can attest to this – “Keep Your Head Up”, “I Can Hardly Make You Mine”, and “No Hope” are just a few examples.

While the reviews at the time were generally positive, the album seemed to get lost in the big fall release schedule. This is a shame as while not being a huge leap forward stylistically, the 60s influenced indie-pop is still intact, Static is a more consistent album than the debut. Both “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” and “Keep Your Head Up” bristle with energy with the latter being a stomping battle cry. “Always Forever” sees Frolin singing at the top of her vocal register to an updated early 60s beat whereas “We’ve Got It” recalls the sound of the swinging late 60s. While “Go Outside” will certainly be the song they are most known for, Static adds considerable punch to Cults’ (hopefully still) growing catalogue.



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