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Spoon – Hot Thoughts (2017)

515vMYZCHwL._AA327_QL65_Spoon’s eighth studio album, Hot Thoughts, is the one that broke this website! I was on a roll with reviews and then hit this one and found myself struggling on what to say or write about… for several weeks that turned into months. There’s plenty of good tracks here – the title track could fill an indie dancefloor in seconds, “First Caress” features a piano that sounds like it’s falling down the stairs, while “Shotgun” packs a mighty punch.
The problem is that while most of the songs are good there is nothing truly great to help raise the album above the fray. It would be great to see Spoon pull a Kings of Leon and just have that one random radio hit to get them into the mainstream and start playing arenas. While Hot Thoughts should please the fans it probably won’t turn on many new converts.



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