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Beach House – 7 (2018)

61KEfYl6iVL._AA327_QL65_Since 2015, the release schedule for the band Beach House has been many. Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars appeared within a few weeks of each in 2015 and this was followed up with a B-side and rarities collection last year. 7 is the Baltimore band’s latest release. For this listener, having those two 2015 releases come out so quickly muddied the waters and it was hard to commit to either.

In March, the band released their best song in years, “Dive”. Atmospheric at first before giving way to a driving guitar that blows all the clouds away, this is one of the singles of the year thus far. “Pay No Mind” is BH at their most straightforward but also most effecting. The vocals are more upfront so you can hear the sweet chorus more easily. First single “Lemon Glow” is darker with an insistent hi-hat that gives a slight witch house feel throughout. The electronic influenced “Black Car” recalls Ladytron without the icy vocals whereas acoustic guitar nicely warms up the otherwise melancholy “Lose Your Smile”.

Throughout 7, the duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally move from strength to strength. The varied styles all flow together and make it an easy album to listen to on repeat. Time to go back and give a re-listen to those albums from 2015 that didn’t immediately hit the first time around. This also marks the first ever streamed album review for this website. Our 40 year old listening habits are evolving along with the Beach House sound.




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