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U.S. Girls – In A Poem Unlimited (2018)

61nIMBK62dL._AA327_QL65_On various message boards, one constant thread is the struggle to follow new music while keeping up with ever growing physical and digital collections. It’s easier to keep up with a sliver of a niche than try to be everywhere but what fun is that? Meghan Remy’s cleverly named U.S Girls project is one of those that passed us by when she signed to 4AD in 2015 after 4 studio albums. The Illinois born, Toronto based artist’s second release on that prestige label caught our ear after hearing the excellent  Citizen Kane inspired single “Rosebud” and In A Poem Unlimited started getting rave reviews.

Third track on the album, “M.A.H” (Mad As Hell) is a mix of 70s Blondie disco with Gwen Stefani vocals. A closer listen to the lyrics reveal a critical look at Barack Obama’s presidency. In this time of the left railing against Trump, it’s a curious throw back look to the Democratic hero. The aforementioned “Rosebud” is laid back R&B dance music with electronic strings striking throughout. “Incidental Boogie” is a vicious track about an abusive relationship set to distorted guitar over a terrific groove. “Poem” maybe the catchiest techno dance track about capitalism to come out this year.

The music that Remy creates on In A Poem Unlimited is extraordinary and the lyrics are uncompromising. “Pearly Gates” describes seducing St Peter “I opened my gates wide and St Peter came inside” and wonders how heaven can be safe if it’s run by men…? “Rage of Plastics” is about becoming infertile while working in a manufacturing plant. The pop sheen throughout gives a door to the political lyrics and while these will be anthems to some, it will make a hard listen for others.




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