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Rolling Blackouts CF – Hope Downs (2018)

61YK9e4ulEL._AA327_QL65_Following up on two well received EPs, Melbourne rockers Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have now released their debut LP, Hope Downs.  Preceded by dynamite single, “Talking Straight”, the album contains a spry 10 tracks that trend similar indie rock ground to one another.  A great bassline propels “An Air Conditioned Man” whereas “Bellarine” ruminates that it “feels like rum is taking all my time…I never did my best”.  “How Long” simply repeats the line “what are you running from” while your foot bounces up and down to the beat.

Through the album, there is not a lot to distinguish one track from another other than how much it gets the listener nodding their head.  Tracks like “Sister’s Jeans” and “Cappuccino City” are catchy with nice guitar lines but don’t particularly go anywhere.  This will certainly appeal to fans of Supergrass, The View and Spoon. Good summer rock record for the beach.



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