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Solange – When I Get Home (2019)

Sometimes going back and looking at your own “best of lists” from past years can be painful. While Solange’s last album, A Seat At The Table, was in our top 5, somehow the towering loveliness “Cranes in the Sky” didn’t even get into our top 20 songs (gulp!!).  The expansive song appeared on CBC Radio 2 earlier this week and still sounds magnificent.  Solange released her follow-up, When I Get Home, in March to enthusiastic reviews.

19 tracks appear in 39 minutes with plenty of interludes between the longer songs.  The first track to really hit is “Way To The Show” with its 80s influenced synths.  “Stay Flo” is a slinky jam guaranteed to make shoulders dance.  “Almeda” is harder hitting with its lyrics about brown liquor and a strong cameo from Playboi Carti.  Co-Produced by Panda Bear, album highlight “Binz” is the bounciest track here with the playful vocal play hitting all the right notes.  When I Get Home could use a few more substantial tracks but it plays like a really good jazz record that burns with cool blues in the background and hot reds that grab your attention.



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