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Fontaines D.C. – Dogrel (2019)

A commenter on Fontaines D.C.’s youtube page wondered if someone over the age of 50 could be into this new band and go see them.  It’s a true comment and one that I’m sure lots of older fans are feeling about their debut album, Dogrel.  It’s been quite a few years, maybe even going back to The Libertines that rock listeners could get swept up in the joy of discovering not just a new band but also one to believe in.  The young Dublin band came together through a love of novels and poetry but fuel that into music that is a mix of rock, punk, and indie.

One of the notable calling cards of the band is the deadpan sung/talked vocals of Grian Chattan that emphasis his Irish accent. Behind Chattan, there is heat brought in singles “Hurricane Laughter”, “Chequeless Reckless” and “Boys In A Better Land”.  “Roy’s Tune” is a softer touch to the band’s sound whereas “Liberty Belle” celebrates violence with a Ramones like stomp.  Every tune here stands on its own and in Dogrel, Fontaines D.C. have released a landmark debut.



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