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Jessie Ware – What’s Your Pleasure (2020)

What's Your Pleasure?

In 2012, Jessie Ware was nominated for the Mercury Music Award for her debut album Devotion that featured the hit singles “110%” and “Wildest Moments”.  Her next two albums also reached the top 10 in the UK but with diminishing returns.  A disaster tour of the US left Ware needing a rethink.  After starting a popular podcast with her mom, Table Manners, Ware started work on her fourth album.  Co-written and produced with James Ford, so far a staggering six songs have been released as singles.

The beat and bassline on album opener “Spotlight” appear 40 seconds in.  A mature and sophisticated disco track, Ware sings that “It’s like you never even left”.  The slinky “Save a Kiss” sounds a bit like Robyn with a terrific chorus and on “Adore You”, Ware rides a laid back groove with a sound vocal performance and production from Joseph Mount.

What’s Your Pleasure is one of those rare albums that actually gets better as it goes on and saves three of it’s best tracks for the end.  Bananarama get a co-writing credit for “Mirage (Don’t Stop)” that uses parts of their hit “Cruel Summer”.  “Mirage” sounds like a dance track from a bygone era.  “The Kill” employs a darker synth before album closer “Remember Where You Are” turns the lights down with a good amount of soul.  When Jessie Ware decided to let music go, she turned in her best album since her debut.  



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