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Haim – Woman In Music Pt. III (2020)

Women In Music Pt. Iii

In 2019 Haim released a handful of great singles including “Summer Girl”, the angelic “Hallelujah” and the Savage Garden like “Now I’m In It”. Following up that run of success, the three sisters released their third album, Woman In Music Pt III back in June of this year. Producer/writers Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam Batmanglij are back on board from the band’s last album along with singer Danielle Haim in production and full band on writing duties.

Taking in 60s soul, 70s singer-songwriter, 90s indie rock, and modern R&B sounds; Haim cast their net wide. Horns introduce lead off track, “Los Angeles” that works as a love letter to their home city. Distorted vocals appear on “I Know Alone” with a dance oriented, percussive chorus. Este Haim’s slinky bassline on “Don’t Wanna” is irresistible and “Leaning On You” recalls Fleetwood Mac at their poppy best.

The scratchy “Man From the Magazine” calls out inappropriate male interview questions with just a guitar and drum beat which is in sharp contrast to the electronic beats of “All That Ever Mattered”.  Similar to past work, all the tracks here sound like something the listener will have heard before but with the band’s own spin.  Woman in Music Pt. III is a fine collection of songs but one where the 2019 singles tacked on at the end are the standout tracks.



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