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The Weather Station – Ignorance (2021)

Ignorance (Vinyl)

Released in February, Ignorance is The Weather Station’s fifth studio album. The Canadian band formed in 2006 and has since seen changing members but is led by singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman who wrote all the songs here. While the Wikipedia page describes The Weather Station as a folk band, the sounds on the first half of the album are bright and bouncy even if the subject matter is not.  First single “Robbers” speaks of Canada’s colonial past and on “Atlantic” Lindeman sings “I should really know better than to read the headlines” (about climate change) over a dance drumbeat and deep basslines.

Strings get added to both “Tried to Tell You” and “Parking Lot” which makes for classy 80s R&B. Slower introspective tracks show up on the second half of the album including “Trust” where Lindeman declares, “Dim the lights and draw the curtains, this is the end of love” and “Subdivisions” ends asking “did I take this too far?”  Ignorance is a mature pop record that mixes both of those items in equal doses.



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