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Yard Act – The Overload (2022)

The four member band from Leeds saw their debut zip to #2 in the UK charts when released in January. Their groove based political rants take in the spirit of the No Wave Movement of early NY as well as the pop of Art Brut and politics of Sleaford Mods. The title track comments on the state of the youth before giving out some free band advice. The chorus uses punk rock harmonies that make it pop.  The peppy, “Witness (Can I Get A?)” flies by at just 82 seconds but manages to declare, “I’m suing your God for the ice on my step/stepped outside, nearly broke my neck”

A number of songs take a laid back, bass groove and ride it such the “bababa” laden “Land of the Blind”. “Tall Poppies”, the longest track here, is a character study of the handsomest lad in the village who lives and dies there.  “Pour Another” is a joyous tune of drinking while the world burns before ending on “100% Endurance”. The final highlight that sees the band questioning life, saying that “it’s all pointless” before asking for “some of that good stuff, that human spirit”. On The Overload, Yard Act are able to mix their politics with humour and on the final three tracks, a wealth of human emotion.



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