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Wet Leg – Wet Leg (2022)

One of 2022’s most anticipated releases is the self titled debut from Isle of Wight band, Wet Leg.  First single “Chaise Longue” introduced singer Rhian Teasdale and lead guitarist Hester Chambers to the world in a memorable self-directed video for their effervescent and deadpan lyrical track.  The first single was like a beam of light coming through months of sitting at home during the pandemic. Rounded out by three  additional members, the band has gone on to release five further singles on an album that went to #1 in both the UK and Australia.

“Angelica” starts with a high pitched guitar before the band explodes into colour on the second verse as Teasdale sings the cutting line, “I don’t wanna follow you on the ‘gram/I don’t wanna listen to your band”.  “Wet Dream” follows the template with another amusing upbeat track about an ex dreaming about Teasdale. “Ur Mum” has a distinct new wave feel to it.

Several songs travel different routes than the big singles. Hester takes over the vocals with on “Convincing”, the throaty delivery could prove to be a future secret weapon.  “I Don’t Wanna Go Out” is a softer in approach, as Teasdale sings about staring down turning 30 while still doing all the same things she did in her early 20s. The album closes with third single, “Too Late Now”.  The atmospheric track sounds epic with thundering drums and a vocal that sounds sadly emotional while delivering the line “If I thought that you were cool/we would have hung out more in school”.  What sets Wet Leg’s debut apart is their ability to take an indie rock sound, make it memorable and deliver lyrics that are both funny and sad at the same time.



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