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Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia (2022)

The Irish lads of Fontaines D.C. return with their third album.  Skinty Fia sees the band lyrically look back across the water to their native Ireland after moves to London.  The themes of being Irish and living in the UK is examined on such tracks as the relatively upbeat “Roman Holiday”. First single “I Love You” is a love letter back to their home country over a bed of Joy Division gloom and Conor Deegan III’s low bass rumble.

Darkness opens the album with the gothic cathedral sounds of “In Ar gCroithe Go Deo” and the hypnotic line – “gone is the day, gone is the night, gone is the day”.  Singer Grian Chatten sings of love and addiction over the chiming guitars of “How Cold Love Is”. The drums of Tom Coll starts of “Jackie Down the Line” before Chatten takes over, barely taking a breath.

When the band first started making waves, it was Chatten’s deep singing style and introspective lyrics that was the focus.  As the sound expands, every member plays a key role with the drumming of Coll being a particular highlight.  Sold out shows and multiple award wins doesn’t seem to have dimmed the creative light that burns deep in Fontaines D.C. as they release another compelling album even as the rain lashes outside their British homes.



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