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Q3 Read It 2022

The third book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series, A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin won several awards after being published in 2000.  This section of the story contains several weddings including Joffrey’s, Tyrion’s, and the dreaded red wedding. The latter is no less shocking having seen it on TV and now reading about it.  In other chapters, the Night’s Watch are on the move back to the wall, Khaleesi marches onwards, and Arya travels with the Hound in one of the novel’s best plotlines.  This epic book rivals the first for its staggering achievement and thrilling action.


Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning is one of the most popular books that gets recommended as a must read.  It has sold over 20 million copies and translated into 24 different languages.  The powerful first half of the book describing day to day life in a German concentration camp is a must read to discover the power of human resilience in devastating circumstances. The second half describes Frankl’s logotherapy philosophy.  Frankl’s main message here is that people must find something to live for and that will help them survive anything, even the horrors of a concentration camp.


Steven Hyden’s book This Isn’t Happening goes into great detail on the band Radiohead surrounding the recording and release of their seminal Kid A album in 2000.  Recognized as one of the top albums of the aughts, Kid A is a recording that was initially panned by critics and many fans alike.  The book also takes in the history of the band leading up to Kid A as well as the aftermath of their recordings and career.  Hyden is a knowledgeable music writer and here he has created a fascinating look at a polarizing album.


Prairiefire Magazine – Winter 2021-22, Volume 42 No. 4


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