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Interpol – The Other Side of Make-Believe (2022)

For their seventh studio album, the three members of Interpol enlisted legendary producer Flood with Alan Moulder to help sculpt the album. “Toni” is both the first track and first single from the album. A moody piece of piano driven music where Paul Banks sings that “the aim is now perfection always”. Drummer Sam Fogarino shines on both “Into the Night” and “Renegade Hearts” which also adds female vocals to great effect.

Songs such as “Fables” are more sparse sounding before a bigger voice emerges in the chorus. Several of the songs are built around a Daniel Kessler guitar riff such as the cinematic “Big Shot City” and “Gran Hotel” where Banks sing about the streets of Cozumel.  It’s hard to discern what Flood added to the process as the album sounds like Interpol. The Other Side of Make-Believe sticks to mostly stylized midtempo sounds and lacks a fierce bite that would add much needed passion to the recording.



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