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Gorillaz – Cracker Island (2023)

In 2021 Damon Albarn released a very good solo album, blur has recently announced live shows so a new Gorillaz album was next on the to do list. Working with all star producer Greg Kurstin, the clubby synth stabs of the title track announce the beginning of the journey along with Thundercat. This is quickly followed up with one of the album highlights, the Stevie Nicks collaboration of “Oil”.  Albarn’s treated vocals are underpinned with the deeper Nicks.  A strident beat delivers the line, “individual actions change the world/fill them up with love”.  

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker along with Bootie Brown bring a classic Gorillaz sound to “New Gold” before Albarn takes over on the underwater dreaminess of “Tarantula”.  Where Cracker Island lags is on a couple midtempo tracks.  An acoustic introduction is teased on “Skinny Ape” before it gets replaced by blips and bloops. An acoustic track would have been a welcome respite from the processed beats.  Cracker Island leaves the listener with a few good tracks and other missed opportunities.



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