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The Flame Throwers


“I’d been listening to men talk since I arrived in New York City. That’s what men liked to do.  Talk.  Profess like experts.  When one finally came along who didn’t say much, I listened.”

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The White Tiger

51x-i5jDS7L__AA160_“Tell me, Muslim uncle, can a man make himself vanish with poetry”
“What do you mean – like vanish through black magic?” He looked at me. “Yes, that can be done. There are books for that. You want to buy one?”

“No, not vanish like that. I mean can he… can he…”

The bookseller had narrowed his eyes. The sweat beads had grown larger on his huge black forehead.

I smiled at him. “Forget I asked that. Muslim uncle.”
And then I warned myself never to talk to this old man again. He knew too much already.

-Aravind Adiga