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atricky“We were walking through Leeds and it was just fucked and I said, ‘Look, these kids ain’t got fuck all.’ and he goes, (solemnly) ‘they got us’. And that was the end of my relationship with him”…. “What do you mean ‘they got us’? A pretentious comment says to me you’re not real, I can’t waste my time on you.” Tricky on Damon Albarn to Mojo magazine.

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Tracyanne Campbell

Tracyanne Campbell from the ever excellent Camera Obscura on the house the band stayed in while recording their newest album Desire Lines in Portland, Or.

“It was a bit of a spooky house, and it was a bit of spooky street. It had a lot of—we call them cupboards—I think you call them closets. Far too many. Creaky floorboards. Surprise little shafts. Quite creepsville. Like being in an episode of Scooby Doo every night when you get home. Waiting for somebody to jump around the corner.” – courtesy of