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Lana Del Rey – Radio

My Dad once accused me of spending more time picking out music to listen to while working than actually doing the work itself. I couldn’t argue with that, he was right… but he didn’t know how important it was to find just the right thing to blank out to.

Every month at the day job means another round of mindless data entry for new customer orders. The repetition of the work seems to bring with it a need for repetition in the musical accompaniment. Last year I listened to Grimes’ “Oblivion” endlessly during these times. While its well over a year old, this year that has been replaced with Lana Del Rey’s “Radio”.

Upon release, many critics were blinded by the image Lana was presenting rather than the music. While not the most ground breaking of work, Born to Die had quite a few gems. I find that instead of the several brilliant singles, I keep coming back to the sublime “Radio” instead. “Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I’m living in” and the ever knowing, “baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio (how do you like me now?)” are words that never get old. And you know what? I like it quite a bit, Lana.


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