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Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology (2017)

51YJI5cHmOL._AA327_QL65_Modern Kosmology is Jane Weaver’s sixth studio album. Much praise was heaped on the Manchester based, Liverpudlian upon release in the spring of 2017 and received a new lease on life (in my world) when Mojo magazine ranked it their fifth favourite record of the year. “Did You See Butterflies” is the most immediate track with a droning bassline and early 90s Lush style vocals.

The electronic folk album is a slow burn that reveals treasures throughout. The throbbing techno of “The Architect” and spacey rock of the title track. At the deep end, last track “I Wish” recalls the beloved Broadcast. “I wish you were cool, I wish you were something” Weaver’s high-pitched vocals tell us. A varied listen with nothing that sounds out of place, this was well worth travelling back a year to discover.





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